Agro Plus Inc offers quality agricultural services and outstanding customer service to make this growing season and the next the easiest and most productive ever. 

Crop Protection

Our staff has extensive training and experience in offering quality advice on the latest agricultural updates and crop protection products.  We carry all Major brands as well as generic products to save you money.


We offer Delivery service year round for whatever you need.  Just let us know what you want and where you want it!

Agronomy Support

We offer a wide array of agronomy services from full service crop planning and nutrient management to in field scouting and sampling.  Whether you just want a second opinion on your decision or full year round service.

Precision Agriculture

Whether its Farmers Edge, Climate corp, Farm at Hand, and more.  We can help you choose the service provider that is right for your operation!

Drone Services

Fully trained and certified we can fly your field using Drone Deploy software to find even the smallest trouble spots, cutworm patches, and sprinkler problems.  Using NDVI 1 cm resolution we can spot the differences in field trials and between varieties.  We can also do a precise elevation map for doing tiling.  Want to find out the volume in your silage pit or gravel pile?  we can do that too!